Goose VPN Review [2020]: Secure VPN, but Is It Fast Enough?

In this review, we look at Goose VPN and provide a detailed overview of its performance and features. You will find out if Goose VPN is the right service for you here.

Finding the right VPN to meet your needs is not easy. There are so many factors to consider, and you want to make sure you are safe and secure when browsing the web.
Every VPN service tells you their product far exceeds expectation, and it is absolutely perfect in every way.

They’re usually lying.

Goose VPN Review
Goose VPN Review

Each VPN service sacrifices something in exchange for something else. Some are fast but less secure; some are more secure but slower; it’s how it works. But how does Goose VPN stack up?

Presenting Goose VPN

Goose is a Netherlands based VPN that offers servers in 26 different countries across Europe and North America. They also have some servers in Asia and the Middle East.
Across these servers, 20 of them support P2P so you can use this VPN for torrenting and Netflix streaming on those servers.

Goose VPN homepage
Goose VPN homepage

Goose VPN works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It also has an easy to set up chrome extension, and the ability to connect to things like your Smart TV.

The company offers a 30-day free trial on all of its packages as well.

So far, Goose VPN is checking a lot of boxes.

Popular Features of Goose VPN

Something that immediately stands out about this VPN is the fact that there is no limit on the number of devices you can use. Regardless of what package you choose, you can connect as many devices as you want, even simultaneously.

Popular Features of Goose VPN
Popular Features of Goose VPN

Here are some of the features that impress us most about Goose VPN:

  • No device limit
  • 24/7/365 support via live chat
  • Multi-device operational
  • Can stream Netflix and torrent

Goose VPN: How Much Does It Cost?

This VPN offers a few different payment options. The most affordable choice is to pay annually like with most VPN services. If you want to test the waters without diving too far in you can elect for the one month plan which is $12.99 per month.

If you choose the one-year plan, it comes out to $4.99 per month, which is a savings of $62.00. Here is a breakdown of how Goose VPN’s payment structure works.

  • One month/Unlimited – $12.99 per month
  • One month/50GB – $2.99 per month*
  • One year/Unlimited – $4.99 per month / $59.88 one time
* Goose VPN offers a restricted access plan for $2.99 a month. It’s affordable, and it’s a great way to test everything out if you are not fully satisfied after the 30-day free trial.

You can pay using debit, credit, PayPal, and it also offers some unusual Dutch bank debit card option. There is no option to buy with bitcoin.

Price comparison
Price comparison

What We Like About Goose VPN

There is a lot to love about Goose VPN. The service is strong and has an excellent reputation online. Here are some of the things we like most about Goose VPN.

AES-256 Encryption

If you are worried about safety and protection, you won’t have to with Goose VPN. It uses the industry leading AES-256 encryption on all its plans, which is hack proof. This allows you to freely browse and do whatever it is you want without fear of watchful eyes.

Torrenting and Netflix

You can stream Netflix, and you can torrent whatever you want as long as you are on the approved P2P servers. Don’t worry, there are plenty, and they all work well.
Beyond Netflix, if we look at BBC iPlayer, we didn’t have the same success. The UK streaming service is usually blocked based on our research.

What We Like About Goose VPN
What We Like About Goose VPN

Multi-Device Compatibility

Goose VPN works with all your standard devices like Windows and Mac, but it also works with Android TV, routers, Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi, and Android/Iphone. It hasn’t made out best VPN for iphone or android list however.

It also has a Chrome extension you can use, so you don’t even have to install the desktop program.

The app is also easy to use by choosing your country and connecting. You don’t need to enter any information, and you can choose what server you want to use right from the same page on the app.

Kill Switch

Finally, a VPN with a proper Kill Switch. Goose VPN has an operational kill
switch that disconnects you from the internet while it finds and connects you to another server. If you lose connection to a VPN server, without a kill switch, your identity could be exposed. Having a kill switch prevents that from happening.

What We Dislike About Goose VPN

With every useful feature comes a lousy one and Goose VPN has a few. Time to burst its bubble a bit.

Strange Logging Policy

This VPN comes right out and says that it does not log your information. It doesn’t collect anything when you sign up, and it has a straightforward policy against logging.

But, if you make it further down the policy, it states that it will keep a log on a specific user if it suspects criminal activities like terrorism. This makes you wonder at what point exactly does the logging start, and if it can use that as an excuse to log you at any moment.

What signifies suspicion for them? Goose VPN states that if it is alerted by a “public body,” it will start logging that specific person. We’ve never seen a policy like this one, so it’s somewhat unnerving.

What We Dislike About Goose VPN
What We Dislike About Goose VPN

Slow Performance

The best VPNs offer a nice balance between safety and speed. Goose VPN is not one of these VPNs.

After reading reviews and researching speed tests, we found that many people experienced as much as a 95% drop in download speed while using a Goose VPN server. With reported speeds as low as 4 Mbps, this is a big concern.

Goose is not the slowest VPN we have ever seen, but we would recommend using the 30-day free trial before paying for a subscription.

Our Verdict

Goose VPN is a dependable service with a lot of great features. The security is reliable and industry-leading, plus you also get access to Netflix, torrents, Tor browser, and a wide assortment of devices to use it on.

Our Verdict– Source:
Our Verdict– Source:

However, the performance seems underwhelming, but you can switch between its different servers and find one that is currently offering the best speeds. If you are looking for a safe and secure VPN that offers industry standard features and benefits, we think Goose VPN is a great option.

Before making a decision on this VPN consider checking out the reviews of our top rated choices as they are faster, have more functions and they are cheaper. Here are a few of our favorites: Nordvpn, Expressvpn, Surfshark and cyberghost.

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