Since Facebook announced Meta in October of last year, the world became Metaverse-crazy. Meta Quest store sales have quadrupled in the last three years with the Quest 2 becoming a roaring success, with 8.7 million units sold in 2021.

Within the NFT space, Metaverse projects have picked up steam, with many businesses taking a Metaverse-centric priority for recent launches. Yuga Labs, the company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT franchise is set to be launching a Metaverse land sale named Otherside as soon as this month. Otherside is likely to be a multiplayer RPG within an “interoperable world.”, including all of the firm’s NFT franchises.

In the fashion industry, after acquiring RTFKT Studies in December, Nike Inc. has been hard at work in the Metaverse space. Nike and RTFKT have revealed their first metaverse NFT wearables, which are digital metaverse sneakers named CryptoKicks. These digital shoes are designed specifically to be used within Metaverse worlds.


Oncyber is a digital world for creators, where artists and collectors can show off their NFTs in the Metaverse. Punk 6529, a famous NFT collector and thought-leader with a huge following, is building an “Open Metaverse” on Oncyber. The 6529 Museum District is the alpha version of the district of Open Metaverse.

6529 Museum District
6529 Museum District

This move to a fully open 3D Metaverse where users can display their art and other NFTs is a contrast to the previously 2D NFT space. This is where projects such as Oncyber shine, allowing users to experience 2D assets in a 3D space. Another promising project which allows its users to bring their digital assets into a 3D space is Frahm, a project which explores the art of framing within the Metaverse.

Frahm is building a platform around digital frames tokenized as NFTs. Establishing and pioneering a new segment in the NFT market. With that the startups is democratizing the frame creation process, creating a new economy and marketplace around digital frames in the Metaverse.

Frames will be an integral part of bridging the NFT art world with the Metaverse and Frahm users can frame their NFTs for free using the Frahm framing application. After connecting their wallet, users select a frame and NFT that they’d like to combine and then the Frahm software outputs a fully 3D framed NFT for them to experience within their web browser. This 3D framed art can then be utilized within 3D Metaverse worlds.

Frahm is launching its Genesis Drop starting 28th April 2022, and the frames in this drop are the output of a generative art algorithm. Some demos of the Frahm Genesis frames can be viewed in the Oncyber gallery.

With the coming of the Metaverse, there will be a huge opportunity for businesses to stake their claim in these digital worlds. From gaming to fashion to framing, 2022 is set to be a huge year for the Metaverse.

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